MST Cargo

MST Cargo is the fastest air cargo handler in Europe.

Within 45 minutes of landing at Maastricht Aachen Airport (MST), aircraft are unloaded and the first trucks already on the road.

Consignees in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium can receive their shipments faster via MST Cargo than any other airport in Europe. The short distance between airplane and truck combined with streamlined handling procedures makes MST Cargo the ideal port for your most urgent cargo to and from Europe.

Every day MST Cargo handles wide-body freighters, such as the 747-800F and 747-400F, A330F and A310F, transporting fresh foods and flowers, urgent medical equipment and the latest high-tech consumer products to and from Africa, South America, China, Turkey and the Middle East.

Located in the tri-border region of the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, MST Cargo directly serves Europe’s most robust industrial and population centers. MST Cargo has all the needed facilities and equipment to care for urgent shipments, high security cargo, fresh foods and flowers, livestock and outsized cargo.

MST Cargo helps you keep your supply chain logistics logical and efficient. More than just air cargo handling, MST Cargo can sort, stack and load your shipments in specific order to make direct delivery possible to multiple waiting customers, with the same truck. MST Cargo is able to provide deep and highly specific logistics services in its air cargo handling facilities to make it possible to deliver directly to your customers’ warehouse without an extra stop.

Call today, or send an email to request an overview and price quote for air cargo logistics services via MST Cargo that will shorten your European supply chain.