Cargo distribution

The region around MST Cargo is home to Europe’s largest cluster of distribution activities for products of all sorts.

High-Tech products, fresh food and flowers, medical technology/devices all have major distribution centers near MST Airport servingEurope and beyond. Explore the possibilities of using the short distances and speed of delivery via MST Airport & Cargo to your waiting European distributors.

From MST Cargo the busiest cities in Europe can be reached within 2 - 4 hours. Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt and Paris are easily and quickly reached by excellent express ways. Cargo that arrives at MST Cargo in the morning at 07:00 can be delivered to the most popular destinations in Europe before 12:00.

  • AMS - 200 km
  • BRU - 100 km
  • CDG - 350 km
  • FRA - 350 km
  • LHR - 500 km
  • LUX - 200 km

MST Cargo is served by all the major road transport companies linking MST with the international air cargo hubs listed above.